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They did closed cell spray foam insulation in the rim joists. The work done was excellent. They cleaned up everything after they had finished. They answered all my questions, very professional and polite. I would encourage anyone looking to insulate their home to contact this company, Spraytech Insulators, you will not be disappointed.
Dale Wundrow
Dale Wundrow
I chose Wisconsin Spray Foam Insulators for my insulation project and could not be happier with the result! Their friendly crew worked diligently to create a completely transformed space, while keeping it spotless in the process. With an unbeatable price and top-tier service, I wholeheartedly recommend these insulating experts - you'll feel like your home is brand new after they're done!
Anthony Durand
Anthony Durand
We were blessed with a speedy solution to our rat problem and smelly attic! After personally inspecting, the experts sealed up all possible entry points so no more unwelcome visitors can make their way in. Our house is back smelling wonderful - hooray for freshness and peace of mind!
Anna Robinson
Anna Robinson
Did a great job. Lowered my heating bill for sure!
caleb studzinski
caleb studzinski
Working with Wisconsin Spray Foam Insulators totally exceeded my expectations! They promptly came out to inspect and quote, plus provided wonderful customer service. They truly went above and beyond. I highly recommend them if you're looking for reliable insulation solutions.
Douglas Fuller
Douglas Fuller
Nowadays, finding quality service that goes beyond the bare minimum can feel daunting. That’s why it's so encouraging to hear stories of good customer care like Wisconsin Spray Foam Insulators providing good old-fashioned insulation installation. Not only was their assessment timely but also accurate - no surprises on install day! They ensured an insulated product that will last as long as the house itself does!
Maxime Humbert
Maxime Humbert
I chose Wisconsin Spray Foam Insulators for my insulation project and could not be happier with the result! Their friendly crew worked diligently to create a completely transformed space, while keeping it spotless in the process. With an unbeatable price and top-tier service, I wholeheartedly recommend these insulating experts - you'll feel like your home is brand new after they're done!
Benjamin Bailly
Benjamin Bailly

Spray Foam Insulation in Little Chute: Are you experiencing problems like this?

Revitalize Your Living Space with Spraytech's Insulation removal

  1. Unpleasant Temperature Swings

Are you tired of your home seeming like an oven in summer and a freezer in winter season? Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute can help regulate your home’s temperature, making it comfortable and comfortable throughout the year.

  1. Skyrocketing Energy Costs

Is your wallet hurting from high energy costs? By sealing gaps and leaks, Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute can keep your home’s warmth or coolness in, conserving you money on heating & cooling costs. 

  1. Irritating Drafts

Do you feel drafts in your home, specifically near doors and windows? Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute acts as a barrier, keeping those annoying drafts out and making your area draft-free and comfortable. 

  1. Bug Intrusions

Are unwanted animals making their way into your home? Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute can seal entry points, helping to keep insects like ants, rodents, and bugs on the outside where they belong. 

  1. Mold and Mildew WorriesWorried about mold and mildew development in your house?

Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute is moisture-resistant, lowering the threat of these undesirable visitors and assisting maintain a healthy indoor environment. 

  1. Noisy Next-door neighbors

Fed up with hearing every noise from outdoors or your next-door neighbors? Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute not only keeps your home comfy however also serves as a, producing a quieter, more peaceful home.

Say goodbye to these typical house owner headaches by thinking about Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute for your home.

Why Should You Choose Us?


Our complete spray foam insulation service provides a comprehensive solution to enhance your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and protection. We seal gaps, reduce energy bills, and ensure a comfortable living space.


Our spray foam quality craftsmanship is second to none. Our skilled professionals ensure a flawless application, providing you with superior insulation that maximizes energy efficiency and guarantees long-lasting comfort.


Our commitment to client satisfaction includes offering ongoing spray foam continuing education. We empower you with knowledge about insulation benefits and maintenance, ensuring your home remains efficient and comfortable.


We proudly advocate for a greener Earth. By promoting sustainable practices and eco-friendly solutions, we contribute to a healthier planet, reducing our environmental footprint for a more sustainable future.

Introducing Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute: Your Key to a Cozier, Cost-Efficient Home

Top-Rated Home Insulation Experts in Wisconsin

PicturE this: You step into your home on a sweltering summertime day, and it seems like an oven. Then, throughout those frigid winter nights, your home looks like an icebox. This unpleasant rollercoaster of temperatures is something nobody wishes to experience. If you’re a homeowner or professional, you’ll know exactly what we’re discussing.

However don’t worry because we have a service that can turn this scenario around, making your living space consistently comfy. Enter Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute– a game-changer for your home’s comfort and energy effectiveness.

What is Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute?

Imagine a magical guard that seals every nook and cranny of your home, keeping the extreme outdoor temperature levels at bay. Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute is that guardian. It’s a cutting-edge, high-performance insulation service that acts as a protective barrier, preventing unwanted temperature swings and all the problems they bring.

The Power of Spray Foam:

  • Efficiency Amplified: With spray foam, you’ll experience remarkable energy savings. It seals gaps and cracks, ensuring that your valuable warmth in winter and revitalizing coolness in summer stays right where it ought to– inside your home.

  • Eradicating Undesirable Drafts: Bid farewell to bothersome drafts near doors and windows. Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute creates a relaxing, draft-free space, making your home more welcoming and comfy.

  • Defense Against Bug Intrusions: Undesirable critters are kept at bay. Spray foam seals entry points, ensuring that bugs like ants, rodents, and bugs remain outdoors.

  • Moisture-Resistant and Healthy: Anxious about mold and mildew? Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute is moisture-resistant, reducing the threat of these undesirable visitors and helping keep a healthy indoor environment.

  • Serene Living Area: Noise from outdoors or loud neighbors will become a remote memory. Spray foam insulation does not simply maintain your home’s comfort; it also serves as a, developing a quieter, more tranquil environment.

By now, you’re most likely thinking about the comfort, savings, and comfort that Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute can bring to your home. That’s what we’re here for– to provide you with the knowledge and service you require to make your home genuinely comfy and energy-efficient.

Let’s make your house a place where you never ever need to stress over temperature swings or rising energy costs. Get in touch with us today to find how Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute can transform your home into the haven you’ve constantly imagined. Your comfort and cost savings are simply a click or call away.

We Proudly Do Spray Foam Insulation in Little Chute and Upstate Wisconsin

Energy Savings and Comfort with Spraytech's Spray Foam Insulation

Little Chute, located in Wisconsin, is a gem with deep historical roots. This spirited city takes pride in its Dutch heritage traced back to its founding in the 1840s. Fast forward to today, Little Chute has transformed itself into a vibrant setting of community and familial bonds. The sense of belonging and security provided by this close-knit community makes it just the perfect place to call home.

Little Chute doesn’t fall short on amenities either. The picturesque Island Park, with its enchanting landscapes, offers residents and visitors a serene escape. Moreover, there are ample recreational activities to be done at Doyle Park and Heesakker Park, and people can soak up the local culture at the Windmill Plaza.

All these wonderful attributes draw residents and outsiders alike, turning Little Chute into a vibrant socio-cultural hub within Fox Valley.

As a trusted spray foam insulation contractor, we feel immensely appreciated to have the opportunity to work with so many of the residents of Little Chute. The support and trust we’ve received from the community has been heartwarming. We strive to provide high-quality insulation solutions that add to the comfort and energy-efficiency of our customers’ homes. We convey our deepest gratitude for the sustained business from this beautiful community. Looking into the future, we aim to continue serving our valued customers in Little Chute with the same dedication to quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. Working hand in hand, we hope to make Little Chute homes safer, warmer and more energy efficient.

Secure your home with Spray Foam Insulation Little Chute today.

Enhance home security with spray insulation today. It shields against temperature fluctuations, conserves energy, and ensures a cozy, comfortable living environment.

Closed-cell foam is denser, offering higher insulation (R-value) and moisture resistance, making it suitable for moisture-prone areas. Open-cell foam is lighter, has lower R-value, and can absorb moisture. Closed-cell foam is pricier but more rigid, while open-cell foam is cost-effective and flexible. The choice depends on specific insulation needs.

The insulation U-value of our systems varies depending on the specific product and application. Please contact us for detailed information on the U-value of the insulation system you are interested in, as it can differ based on factors like material and installation method.


Spray foam insulation is a versatile material used for sealing gaps, reducing energy loss, and enhancing comfort. It comes in two types: open-cell and closed-cell, each with unique properties. Consider factors like R-value, cost, and moisture resistance when choosing the right spray foam for your insulation needs.

While spray foam insulation offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to be aware of potential issues. Improper installation can result in off-gassing odors or poor performance. Moisture accumulation, if not addressed, may lead to mold. Choosing a professional installer and considering the specific application can help prevent these problems

Use spray foam insulation for sealing gaps, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing comfort in various applications. It’s ideal for new construction, attic and wall insulation, and sealing gaps around doors and windows. Consider factors like climate, budget, and desired R-value when determining if spray foam insulation is the right choice.